Why use GlassGuard safety film

Protect your home or office from burglary

Glass Guard will make your regular glass shatter resistant, preventing damage and injury caused by broken glass while keeping the bad guys out, making it easier than ever to feel secure.

Conserve Energy and Save Money

Glass windows without heat rejecting films are usually the largest source of heat gain in a building. Use our Windows Film to conserve energy and reduce the utility costs up to 20%.

Stop intense weather from encroaching on your home

Our Windows Security & Safety film offers a variety of safety benefits and can help protect you and the contents of your home from storms and severe weather.

Where Glass Guard Can Be Used

Private House

People who have Glass Guard installed on their homes’ windows sleep more comfortably at night with the knowledge that their windows will serve as a strong barrier against forced entry, the possible effects of storm damage, and the slow degradation of interior furnishings and art by sun damage.


Companies can keep their buildings and products safe from possible invasion by thieves and other intruders. Businesses who protect their buildings with Glass Guard may be able to save money on insurance premiums and will save time by not having to fill out time-consuming claims for items broken or stolen by burglars and vandals.


Public spaces, such as schools, prisons, religious buildings and government facilities generally serve large numbers of people, and are thus also prone to glass breakage from within. Glass Guard protects institutional windows from all forms of breakage, and helps institutions with the ongoing maintenance and longevity of their facilities.

How Window Security Film Works

Glass Guard Security & Safety Window Film is a professionally installed coating that turns your glass windows, slider windows and door windows into an impenetrable barrier that protects your home and family from a broad range of potential threats.

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