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Frequent Questions

The U.S. Government commissioned Dupont Chemical to come up with a product that could be used as bomb protectant. This product is currently installed in a wide range of Federal Buildings. It is also now available for home and commercial use.
This product is a Film laminate applied over existing glass. It protects against forced entry from many causes. It has been wind tested to 140 M.P.H.
Yes. The product in your windshield is one ply two mils. We install two ply, eight mils. One ply, two mils allows for entry, two ply, eight mils is significantly stronger and denies entry.
After determining that your windows are undamaged and the window frame is sound it is our product that holds the glass together and prevents intrusion not your glass. Once applied its like putting a dead bolt on your glass. “If the bad guys cannot get in they cannot take anything out.”
No, as part of our service our experienced technician will clean the inside of your glass immediately prior to installation.
The product is almost exclusively installed on the inside of the glass. This protects it from the weather and prevents glass shards from entering the house.
Yes. Both our clear and our tint provide 99% U.V. Ray protection. The Tinted film can reduce your electricity bill by up to 20%.
Yes. According to Florida Power and Light our tint will yield up to a 20% savings. Our film is heat reflective and cool retentive. It is also fire retardant.
Yes. There is a Dow Attachment System available. When used with our laminate this product has passed all four Dade County Impact Tests and is rated for fourth story and above.
No. We realize we are not for everyone. But for those people looking for protection they do not have to go unprotected any more. This product is almost impenetrable, cost effective, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We also offer a wide array of window tints made by Huper Optiks and SunTek Films.
No. Once installed it takes about 45 days for the adhesive to cure. After that there are no distortions or obvious signs of installation. In tint, the color difference is viewable but no indication that it is safety Film with a crystal clear view.