Windows Security Film

Glass Guard Security & Safety Window Film is a professionally installed coating that turns your glass windows, slider windows and door windows into an impenetrable barrier that protects your home and family from a broad range of potential threats. Whether your windows are hammered by storm-blown debris, attacked by a burglar with a crow bar, or just hit by an errant neighborhood kid’s baseball, windows protected by Glass Guard Window Security Film will repel the blows and continue to serve as a protective barrier to unwanted ingress.

Additionally, Glass Guard’s Security Coating for Windows protects the contents of your home from degradation caused by the sun’s powerful rays, with screening that blocks more than 99% of UV light. Not only will Security Window Film protect artwork, furniture and rugs from sun damage, but Glass Guard's Window Film Safety Solution can also reduce energy usage and utility bill costs.

Glass Guard in Action

Recommended by law enforcement agencies all over the world home security film offers a multitude of benefits. Protect your glass with top strength, anti-shatter film, and you’ll make it impenetrable, keeping you safe from anything that comes your way. Glass Guard's professional installation will offer you the best in window security protection at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. We are certified SolarGard safety and security pros. We have partnered with SolarGard and other manufactures to make a safer environment for home and business. Give us a call to discuss these valuable and important products.

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